Conference Recap: "Everybody plays a role"

Hosted at International School of Hellerup
Rygårds Allé 131
2900 Hellerup

Irina Gian

Brookes Moscow & Saint Petersburg
Head of Admissions
Friday, May 18

8:30am CEST

Morning Tea & Registration International School of Hellerup

9:00am CEST

9:45am CEST

10:15am CEST

10:45am CEST

11:30am CEST

12:15pm CEST

1:15pm CEST

2:00pm CEST

2:15pm CEST

6:00pm CEST

Saturday, May 19

8:30am CEST

9:00am CEST

9:15am CEST

10:00am CEST

11:00am CEST

12:00pm CEST

1:00pm CEST

2:00pm CEST

3:00pm CEST

4:00pm CEST